St Swithun’s is the Swanbourne Parish Church

The present church building dates back to 1230, although there was almost certainly a church, probably made of wood, on the same site before this date. It is dedicated to St. Swithun, who was the Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Winchester. The deluge of rain that followed the moving of his body into a tomb in the newly constructed Cathedral on 15th July 971, led to the tradition that if it rained on 15th July, named St Swithun’s Day, then it would rain for the next 40 days.

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The Parochial Parish Council( PCC) is responsible for the financial affairs of the church parish and the maintenance of its assets, such as churches. More information about the Swanbourne PCC is here.(pending)

Swanbourne Primitive Methodist chapel - Nearton End, Swanbourne MK17 0SL

The first Primitive Methodist chapel in Swanbourne dates from 1858. It was replaced by the current chapel in 1907. It is still in use today. Church Contact: Frankie Fisher 01296 720454. There is a good account of the development of Methodism in Swanbourne on the Swanbourne history website.